Racing as a professional triathlete is not an easy task. I am very thankful to my sponsors and supporters for providing me the opportunity to race at a high level and with the best equipment possible.

QT2 Systems is a premier coaching service provide for age group to professional triathletes. QT2 specializes in tailoring training programs specific to each athlete's needs and athletic background. I have been working with founder, coach Jesse Kropelnicki for the past three seasons and look forward to continuing the success and fitness we've built. I chose to work with Jesse and QT2 because of the structured approach that is taken to training and racing as well as the analytical focus on quantitative training metrics.

The Olympic Club is a private athletic and social club based in San Francisco. Founded in 1860, the Olympic Club has long supported elite athletes in the Bay Area and beyond to achieve their best in sports.

First Endurance is a highly innovative nutrition company providing top of the line sports nutrition for endurance athletes. Whether its before, during, after a workout or even for daily supplements, First Endurance keeps an athlete performing at their maximum potential.

Quintana Roo is one of the founding companies in the sport of triathlon and has long been committed to creating the fastest bikes in the sport. For 2017, I will be riding the PRsix with Enve 7.8 wheels, Ceramic Speed bearings and chains, and Shimano Dura Ace components. 

Rudy Project makes stylish and functional sunglasses and helmet to keep you safe and looking cool. Having crashed head first twice now and walking away without head trauma, I can attest to how well made their equipment is. For 2017 I will be racing in the Wing57 TT helmet, training in the RACEMASTER road helmet. I routinely sport my favorite Ultimatum Shock casual glasses and swear by the Tralyx for training.

If you're interested in ordering Rudy Project gear, please contact me for a discount code! (It is a BIG! discount)






BlueSeventy makes the fastest wetsuits and swimskins on the market. While I may not be the quickest guy in the water, I will take every advantage I can get. Having tried a number of different suits, nothing beats the Helix in terms of comfort, flexibility, and speed!


NormaTec allows me to train at a high level day after day through their incredible recovery system. Their boots use air compression to massage the legs and eliminate lactic acid and other byproducts of hard training.