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Who is Chris "Grizzly" Baird?

The nickname GrizzlyBaird was created by a close friend after rapidly saying my full name Chris Lee Baird. As someone who grew up in California (the Bear Republic), the relation to a ferocious grizzly bear was welcomed!  

Personal Life

Chris was born in New York but moved at a young age to Southern California (Westlake Village). Surrounded by beaches, trails, and the Santa Monica mountains, an active, outdoor lifestyle was almost certain. Chris dabbled in just about every sport under the sun but was eventually drawn to the challenge of endurance sports. His athletics would continue into his college years at the University of Pennsylvania where he competed for the school's track and cross country teams. Chris graduated from Penn's Wharton School of Business with a BS in Economics and concentrations in finance and business strategy. Following school, he and, his now wife, Brianna moved to Boston as Chris started a career in finance supporting the biotech/pharmaceutical industry. After three years and harsh winters in Boston, Chris and Brianna moved to San Francisco. Married in October 2014, the two currently reside in the city's Marina district. Brianna currently competes as a professional triathlete focusing on ITU racing. Chris continues to pursue a career in parallel with his athletic endeavors and is a biopharma transaction adviser for Locust Walk Partners. In this role he routinely works with emerging and established biotech/pharma companies to seek strategic alternatives whether it be out-licensing, merger/acquisition, or public or private financing.

Athletic History

Chris was involved in nearly every sport imaginable as a young kid. Whether it was baseball, swimming, running, cycling, or even ice hockey, there's a good chance Chris has some history competing in the sport. Early on, he discovered a knack for distance running and eventually began to focus his athletic commitments toward endurance sports. By the start of high school, Chris was on of the area's best young prospects in distance running and quickly established a name for himself. Throughout high school he continued to excel at running and would eventually go on to run NCAA DI for the University of Pennsylvania.

Chris discovered the sport of triathlon early on in his high school days. Involved in a junior cycling team at the time, he was active in two of the three disciplines. Chris continued to compete in triathlons throughout high school and college as a way to change up the monotony of run training. Following college, fatigue from the grueling demands of DI running but a continued desire to compete pushed Chris to pursue triathlon more seriously. In his third season competing at the professional level, Chris focuses primarily on the half Ironman distance (1.2 mi swim, 56 mi bike, 13.1 mi run).


  • Triathlon: QT2 Systems Elite Team, Olympic Club, Team Psycho
  • Track & Field: NCAA DI University of Pennsylvania (2008-2011)
  • Cross Country: NCAA DI University of Pennsylvania (2007-2010)
  • Swimming: CVMM, MIT Masters